Haunting Of A Kentucky Sanatorium

How do you begin to explain what happened in Waverly Hills Sanatorium? How do you tell of the unmistakable feeling of lost hope, the singular cold spots that would freeze them to the bone? The feelings of animosity, the feelings of dread, and those of uncomparable sadness? The ominous voices within the EVP recorded during filming? What about the mysterious illness that struck the Producer, leaving him weak in the knees, barely able to make it out of the infamous Death Tunnel? And the image he captured within the 500 foot tomb? How does the Director tell of his encounter with whom local ghost hunters lovingly call "Mary"? Where can the answers be found? One thing is certain, the stories and images from the filmmakers and those who hold Waverly dear are enough to invoke fear, and even heartache, into the most stoic of hearts. When former employees and patients tells of the tragic events, your heart breaks as if you witnessed these incidents firsthand. On the paranormal front, Waverly is alive and kicking. With an approximate 70,000 guests to the Halloween attraction and the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society's research , Waverly is never lonely. Each year Waverly attracts people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Skeptics visit and are skeptical no more. Many who enter claim they will never return, for the monster of a building has instilled in them a fear unlike any other. by J Norris-Writer-News International.