MOC-I just watched the trailer and I must say the documentary looks fantastic.
Did anything unusual happen while you guys were filming?

CS-Many strange things happened; fully charged camera batteries were dead
instantly; doors closed by themselves; we heard voices in the distance
that didn't belong to us, (the sound-man just loved that). Sounds that
were not present in the shoot showed up on the sound masters when we
began to edit the film and they were loud yet showed no presence or
waveform of being there. The Director saw the ghost of a little girl on
the third floor run through the hallway, the Producers saw SHADOW
PEOPLE, ORBS and a terrifying entity in the DEATH TUNNEL, which we were
able to capture with photos. We were constantly walking through strange
cold spots in the rooms. Sometimes we felt a spine tingling breeze but
when would look outside the trees were still. We even had a few people
quit because they were too spooked to continue working in the

MOC-I heard that the sanitarium might be torn down. Is it still there?

CS-Yes, though most all of America's Sanitariums have been marked for
demolition or have been demolished. This beautiful one still stands,
though new condo suburbs are being built all around it. Hope they enjoy
their view, "a tomb with a view".

MOC-I've read that during the shooting of this film that actual poltergeist
(EVP's) were recorded as well as shadowy figures and menacing faces of
the past. Can you give us some more detail about what was actually
recorded, as well as the shadowy figures? Also, what was your reaction
when you first discovered this?

CS-Three words, "OH MY GOD!" Our hearts dropped to the floor, did you hear
that, rewinding the tape, and we played them over and over again.
Sounds of screaming, breathing, voices mocking us, almost guiding us to
find some hidden truth. We were obviously there for a reason.

MOC-Will you be posting any of the actual EVP recordings or pictures on the
films official site?

CS-They have been left in the film's final edit and are also in the
opening titles. A lot of them are also posted and documented on many
different paranormal web sites. We have been asked to speak at the
International Ghost Convention in September on the haunted old cruise
ship, the "Queen Mary". That should be interesting.

MOC-SPOOKED is "Based on a true story about the haunting of the
Waverly Hills Sanitarium." For our readers, what is that story?

CS-We can't reveal the whole story because the plot line unveils it within
the movie. But the film is based on the actual tragedies and sightings
of five ghosts within the doomed walls of this diseased sanitarium
built in 1910. An upscale college initiation goes bad and strands five
girls in this haunted hospital. Within the five floors these girls
encounter the five ghosts of it's tortured past. As the girls, one by
one become infected; we soon uncover the shocking link that binds them.
A 500-foot underground body chute, built to remove the dead bodies of
its patients may be the only way out; they call this the Death Tunnel.
Creepy but TRUE!

MOC-The new "preview art" you just sent us looks really great. Can you tell
us a little bit more on what looks to be the main antagonist in this

CS-We spent 18 hours straight in that tunnel, no one could breathe, mutiny was in the air, we lost some of our crew, and they were scared beyond
imagination. It was raining, three feet of mud, madness and mayhem.

MOC-Tell us about "Spooked": The Ghost of Waverly Hill Sanitarium
Documentary DVD?

CS-SPOOKED is a true documentary, a film journal of us, the filmmakers,
making a horror movie in the real haunted sanitarium with real ghosts,
real people and real terror. You can see and hear everything we have
been talking about for yourself. Spooked is in post-production with a
release date of October. You can check it out at: www.spooked.org.

MOC-For your last question, is there anything else you would like to add
about the film or say to the readers of Horror-Movies online?

CS-We would like to dedicate the film to the lost souls of the Waverly
Hills Sanitarium, May you find your way home.




Spooked Paranormal Audio Report Data