Paranormal Activity Investigators Report; Dr. Becky Ray


Although not taken during our investigation, I am posting this photo here. It was taken by Christopher Saint while on location scouting for the film, Death Tunnel. www.deathtunnel.com This documented ghost photograph will be featured in the documentary, SPOOKED, The ghosts of Waverly Hills. www.spooked.org
"I was starting to head up the death tunnel, when a real bad feeling came over me, it was so heavy, I felt very sick. So I clicked my camera in front of me, and trucked up that tunnel and I swear there was something behind me. It was the most twisted feeling that anyone could have."
When Saint saw his photo, he was shocked to find what looks like little girl from the third floor of the building that some call "Mary." Mary is said to be playful, running up and down the hallways playing hide and seek with trespassers, but Mary's descriptions state that she has no eyes.
As you look at the original photo, it was taken from the bottom of the tunnel shooting up. The anomaly is on the right side, showing her left side profile. You can see her hollow eyes and "pixie" nose.

Mary? Inverted

Another interesting thing about this photo, is that it appears to be two photos. When it is turned upside down, three robed figures appear. Some think these figures look foreboding, but I saw them more as nurses, or nuns.
Both this photo and the original definitely show super-charged paranormal energy of some kind.
Christopher Saint's feelings on taking this photo are, "This photo has changed my life, her haunting image standing in front of me in the Death Tunnel, I will remember forever. The feeling of overwhelming sadness and loss, a bottomless pity reverberates her screams on my EVP recordings."
To see either the original or the inverted photograph in its entirety, click on the enlargement.

Courtesy of Paranormal Activity Investigators Report; Dr. Becky Ray