The "Shadow People" are not evil or demonic, but simply represent a different configuration pattern than the previously documented orbs, vortices and ectoplasmic swirls and vapor that are the shapes of the spirits of the dead. The spirits of the dead may manifest in many configuration patters according to what they choose. It does take more energy to be displayed as a full body apparition than being a ball of light or an vapor of energy.

No one understands the science behind the "Shadow People". Consider a shadow passing across the wall in front of you. You see a human shaped shoulders and head, perhaps arms moving across the wall. If you are a fundamentalist, you call this dark form a demon. However, if you have an open mind, you would say, "WOW" and attempt to understand what was happening.

We must understand that in our Western culture, the bad guys wear black hats and the good guys wear white hats. Therefore, anything black is considered evil and demonic and anything white is considered okay. However, in science, we consider that perhaps the anomaly represents a spirit whose body is composed of spirit matter that is not visible to the human eyes.

Light will not pass through this spirit matter because it is still too dense. The light is blocked by the spirit matter and is casting a shadow onto the wall. The shadow is not alive, but the spirit whose shadow is being cast. This concept has been proved time and gain by photographic images showing shadows being cast by orbs and vortices.

We cannot see x-rays, gamma rays and all of those particles beyond our human visual spectrum, yet they exist. Sometimes we feel that we must see something in order to believe it exist. While this is true in many areas, it is not true when dealing with the electromagnetic spectrum, including those frequencies that exist beyond our human vision range.

We cannot see or hear in the spectrum that dogs are capable of doing. I do not recall people claiming to be able to hear dog whistles, for example, yet dogs can hear it. We accept this as normal and do claim dogs are demonic.

Some have proclaimed the Shadow People to be evil or demonic, this reeks of fundamentalism at its worst. The term "Shadow People" is relatively new and is being used to promote fear and doom. We fear what we do not understand and therefore we try to destroy what we fear.

This age old philosophy was employed against the Native Americans as European settlers arrived to condemn the Indians because they were not Christians and force them from their lands as the settlers advanced West. This was the philosophy of the Mother Church as she promoted Crusades to expand her power base and financial interest in Europe.

We have been teaching that "Shadow People" are just another configuration pattern that the spirits of the dead may display, according to their choice. We have documented this pattern with photos and with video recordings. Those seeking demons must look in new areas as the "Shadow People" do not qualify.

The shadow people at Waverly Hills seem to congregate and are commonly seen next to room 423. They do move about in curiousity. I saw them many times while making my security rounds. Sometimes the room will glow different shades of color. Usually a bluish or greenish, even orange. Jon, Ron, and myself even had experiences with the orange light on separate occasions out in the solarium on the 4th floor.



1906* Waverly Hills Sanatorium was created by an act of the legislature.
1907* The first tuberculosis dispensary was opened.
1910* Waverly Hills Sanatorium, (original hospital) was opened with a capacity of 40 patients.
1913* The open-air school for undernourished and pre-tubercular children was opened.
1923* Started health program in public and parochial schools.* Sanatorium was granted additional accommodations as the hospital had outgrown the original buildings. $1,000,000bond issued.
1926* The present commodious buildings were completed in August with the new capacity of 435 beds. This building was erected at a cost of $3,625 a bed.* Nov. 1st - 8th, 1926 -Dr. C. H. Harris, City Health Officer, issued a proclamation, asking the people of Louisville to join the Louisville TB Association in observing “Open Window Week,”.* The 5 story, 435-bed building was formally dedicated.
1928* Oct. 31, 1928, Waverly Halloween Party -King - James Abraham (Rex) LileQueen - Juanita (Regina) Powers Jester (Appointed by the King & Queen) - Abe Netter
1929* Oct. 24, 1929 - Only residents of Louisville & Jefferson County were admitted to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the future treatment of TB. Dr. O. O. Miller, superintendent of the institution, a conference with A. H. Bowman, made announcement.* Dec. 12, 1929 - The land of Waverly Hills Sanatorium was increased by 159.52 acres when the board purchased for $5,000 from I. Sidney Jenkins the farm of the Hoertz estate. The board made the purchase because of the advantageous price.
1932* May 1st, Waverly Hills Sanatorium had a total of 480 patients. Between 75 and 100 applicants were on the waiting list. Kentucky Death Rate Soars.
1942* A nurse at Waverly received a monthly wage of $71.50 included meals, laundering, and uniforms.* A janitor, one of the unskilled workers not included in the proposed merit system, got $85 a month,* The telephone operators got $80 a month and worked 8 hour days, 7 days a week, with 1 day off per-month.
1955* Dec. 11, - Waverly Hills spends about $5.19 a day per-patient.
1961* Waverly Hills Sanatorium was closed as a TB hospital in June 1961.
1962* October - Woodhaven Geriatric Center / Woodhaven Medical Services was opened.
1980* July 25 - Woodhaven Medical Services was court ordered to close due to improper patient care.
1996 *Seavers sells Waverly and surrounding property to Bob Alberhasky.
1997-1998 Abandoned\* (Date Unconfirmed) 1998 - Waverly is considered for demolition as Bob Alberhasky seeks funding for the erection of a 150 ft. tall statue of Jesus Christ and an adjoining Christian meditation center. The project was later abandoned due to the lack of funding.
1999* October 28th & 29th "The Awakening of Waverly Manor" - The Lobby, 1st floor, and east wing reopened for tours, Halloween party, & concert from local bands. Psychic Dr. Peter Moscow conducted
2001* Charles & Tina Mattingly purchase 29 acre property from Bob Alberhasky. * July 19th,- "Fox's Scariest Places On Earth," films an episode on location at Waverly.* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds went to begin renovations of the sanatorium.
2002* Renovation of the laundry building starts with the roof.* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds went to renovations of the Waverly building & property.
2003* Renovation of the laundry building continues.* September - Building gets an upgrade for the haunted hospital attraction. Sprinkler system is installed and safety provisions are added to provide for a safe & fun attraction. * Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds go to renovation of the Waverly building & property.
2004* Renovation of the laundry building continues.* Another upgrade to the building... windows have started to be replaced.* The movie "DEATH TUNNEL“ was filmed on location at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Story is based on local Legends, lore, & haunting..* The documentary "SPOOKED" also filmed at Waverly by the same production company. The documentary explores local legends, lore, history, and haunting. Due to be released.* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds go to renovation of the Waverly building & property.

Used with permission. Roy Muir /Waverly Hills Historian (featured in SPOOKED) http://whsmemorial.tripod.com/id28.html



E-rays (from German Erdestrahlen, earth-rays) are believed to originate within earth and penetrate the crust to form invisible square lattices. Local circumstances such as underground streams, rock crevices, mineral ores, etc. also cause fields to radiate from the ground. These fields are believed to affect health, animal behavior, 'human auras', plant growth, and many other things. In addition, the fields can easily be detected by the use of the dowsing rod, and, to this day, by the dowsing rod only"

Found here: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~rasmus/skepticism/dowsing.html

E-rays are something currently new to science, as far as I can tell, and are a bit of a mystery. However, they are one of the more scientific theories that revolve around dowsing rods & how they work. If they can pick up on energy, and these e-rays bounce off of the surface differently when coming into contact with water, and also change in accordance to the amount, speed, or depth of the water...this means that by the time the e-rays penetrate the surface of the earth to where the dowsing rods can detect them, they will have been affected by the underground obstacles enough to the point where the way they have changed can tell you what is below the surface & how deep/fast it goes, etc. Because dowsing rods can pick up on energy, they will react to the e-rays, and the way they react is how you determine what you've found.

Generally speaking, the stronger the EM field, the more the rods will cross. At the strongest point they may cross over each other as far as possible. This is why they don't cross until you've entered a field of energy. The field is strong enough that it begins to pull the metal rods closer to one another until they cross. Once they cross, you are in an EM field. If you've ever used rods you'll notice that if they start to cross, and you continue in the direction of the center of that field, then they will continue to cross further along the length of the rod. I'm assuming that this is because once they have crossed, that point of crossing is directly over the center of the EM field.

Now, with the wooden "Y" dowsing rods this works differently. You have one hand (palm up) on each branch of the Y, and you create tension by pushing the branches out as you hold them. Now if you can imagine this situation, you'll realize that it's probably difficult to keep the branch from wobbling. However, once you've gotten used to holding it steady with the tension you're putting on it, you'll find it easier to use. If you are able to hold it steady with the tension, then you can probably imagine that it take quite a bit of concentration to do so. With this in mind, lets say you are holding it steady, but you begin to enter a field where the e-rays are slowly becomming more prominent. Because the e-rays bounce off of the more solid obstacles underneath the surface, you can imagine that they would also bounce off of the underside of your branch. This is what causes the branch to wobble; the stronger the wobble, the the higher the number or speed of the e-rays there are penetrating the earth's surface. Now you can imagine that with all the effort you've made to keep it steady that you would feel the slightest wobble. I think the reason this style is so effective is because of the way you hold the branch while putting tension on it; it makes it very unstable, but once you've learned to keep it stable you will feel the slightest movements it makes.

E-rays are like X-rays (they're everywhere! lol); we still don't know exactly what they are, but we somehow managed to find them & eventually learned to use them to our advantage through trial & error. We eventually realized that concentrated amounts of X-rays were bad & we found out that lead could prevent penetration. We still don't know what X-rays actually are, or what causes them, but they've been here all along. It's the same thing with E-rays, aside from the fact that they've been pretty much ignored by science thus far.

Then there's the use of dowsing rods for divining, but I've come to learn that when you program the rods for any form of divining, the answers you get are really coming from within yourself. Whether it simply answers coming forward from your subconscious, or you using your mind to tap into your abilities to get answers (even if you don't realize it); things like intuition, etc. The divination aspect is really just the person tapping into other areas of their mind that will translate the correct answer into the corrosponding muscle twitches that will cause the tool to give you the correct answer in accordance with your programming of it. Basically you program your mind to twitch certain muscles to move the tool a certain was for yes/no, and when it finds the answer (in old memories/esp/intuition/whatever) it translates it back to muscle twitches to move the tool.

More on Dowsing Rods can be found at: www.sdanet.org/atissue/ books/dowsing/d02a.htm


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