SPOOKED: Research and Development

1936: TB Patients on the Sanatorium's outer deck, Rain, Snow or Shine, hot or cold, there were no windows on these decks , only screens.

1980: The Sanatorium's North Wng in ruins.


As featured on ABC News Night-line

IGHS: International Ghost Hunters Society Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill Co-Founders as featured on the television shows Strange Universe, Sightings, The Unexplained, ABC News Night-line.

Dr. Oester on Saint's photos. He explains how Christopher Saint, film producer, while on location filming the ghost documentary, "SPOOKED" at the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, captured more than expected.

"These photos show super-charged orbs in motion. Notice how the spirit anomalies are emitting energy"

"This cannot be confused with dust orbs or other non-paranormal anomalies"

"This is one of the best kinds of evidence in ghost photography"

Dr. Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill
IGHS Co-Founders, International Ghost Hunters Society

"SPOOKED" based on true stories of the haunting of this Kentucky Sanatorium. A horror documentary on the Ghosts, the People and the Terror!.


SPOOKED: SENTANCE TO DEATH - "The nonhuman entity or entities that exists at Waverly is a very powerful demon".

Dear Saint,

I will elaborate on this for you.

"The nonhuman entity or entities that exists at Waverly is a very powerful demon".

Courtesy of Ed & Lorraine Warren's website: http://www.warrens.net/

"The man who hunts tigers at times has found that the tiger backtracks and is now hunting the hunter. The same is true with spirits. Graveyards are spawning places for evil spirits. Most of these spirits are inhuman (diabolical). They are drawn to areas where human suffering has occurred. These areas are full of vibrations of the tormented people who have lost their loved ones, and the unfortunate human spirits that are earthbound hover close to their remains. Evil spirits revel in the deterioration of human bodies; those bodies which God created. They are the dangers in the exploration of evidence that we, the living, must encounter."

Ed and Lorraine Warren are the world's most notable demonologists. Feel free to browse their website and read up on their investigations. I have been to Waverly once out of curiosity, and let me tell you about my experience. I also feel I am sensitive to the spirit world myself, and can tell the difference between good and bad spirits. The night we went up to Waverly, two friends and I went there with the intention of going inside and taking some photographs. As soon as I got within 50 yards of that building my "sixth sense" told me that something was very wrong, and my fight or flight response kicked in, and I felt absolute terror come over me. I told me friends that we had to leave now, and they could tell what had came over me, so they agreed and we left there quickly.

The paragraph above that I quoted from the Warren's site explains exactly to a "T" what exists at Waverly. That place is "sour ground" because of all the deaths (63,000 I understand) and suffering that took place there over the years. The place is inhabited by many human spirits which are under the control of demonic entities. The fact that shadow people have been seen there at Waverly should also be a tip-off that something evil exists there. I personally contacted Ed & Lorraine Warren about this place and my experience there. They said that they were familiar with Waverly and it's past. I then asked them if they'd ever consider doing an investigation there and Ed told me that he would not even consider going within a mile of that place, and that I was right to listen to my "sixth sense" and not enter that building. Personally, I'd heed the advice of the original author of this thread, and stay away from Waverly. If you have any questions to ask me, feel free, I'll keep my eye on this thread.

Take care.

Ghost Watcher

Dear Ghost Watcher

Let me introduce myself, I am Christopher Saint, one of the producers of the documentary "SPOOKED" the ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

We set out from Los Angeles to Kentucky in search for true horror. We found just that as well as a whole HELL more. There lied up on the hill, in a dark cloud, Waverly Hills Sanatorium beckoned us to now document it's horrific past.

I had researched this Sanatorium's background for a few months prior to our shoot. With over 5000 pages of documentation, pictures and the original news archives of its history, I thought I knew everything about this TB hangout. But I was wrong, DEAD WRONG! You see what I didn't know is that this horrific monster of a building was truly HAUNTED, to the MAX. Being the freaks of nature that we are, we were even more determined to pull of this cinematic achievement in FRIGHT.

We spent three weeks with a crew of 50 in that doomed hospital, 18 hours a day, and shot over 30 hours, in the gloomy, DEATH TUNNEL. What we came back with is a masterpiece in Horror.

So I guess you can say we were the hunter so to speak, hunting for the truth, the shadows of fear, the little girl ghost with no eyes, the 502 nurse, anything and everything that was widely known as the haunting and ghosts of Waverly Hills. Basically we wanted to be, SPOOKED to DEATH.

And as far as being the hunted, yes we were indeed watched and and spiritually probed and mentally dissected, as I understand a select few of us brought ghost orphans home with us.

This place indeed has its sour grounds; you can feel the intense heavy energy the minute you walk in. Throughout the hallways, the temperature changes drastically from 60 to 45 degrees in seconds. You dare not look behind you for what is in front of you, the internal pacing of the dead, the shadow people. Not to mention the bright ORBS buzzing through the catacombs stairwells, with the homies, low flying navigated brown bats looking for a new nest of human hair to settle in for the night.

We were most fortunate to capture a lot of this madness on film, which plays out through the feature film "DEATH TUNNEL" thou more focused on in the documentary, "SPOOKED".

Being abandoned in 1982, any evil entities that do exist would be there from an invite from, a satanic gathering. Due to the fact there were murders, rituals and sacrifices that unfortunately took place in the tomb like basement and then spread through out the deteriorating five floors.

As far as the lost souls of the deceased patients of Waverly Hills, they are not there to hurt you or under control of demonic spirits. They are simply there for the reasons, (1) they don't know what happened to them, the disease spread so fast, it hit hard like a ton of infectious bricks, and (2) they have no where else to go.

You have to remember that a lot of the infected TB patients where disowned, forgotten or checked in under secrecy. The White plague was not something you would brag about. When you were infected, you were considered, dishonored or known as "one of those people". It was a sentence to DEATH. A poor-mans disease, as the infection spread, even the rich knew now the meaning of poor.

These poor souls were isolated, kept from family, friends and enjoying life to it's fullest and for that reason, the entities that prevail, are curious, playful and mischievous and are somewhat bitter (pissed off). You will experience, hair pulling, whispering, clothes grabbing, temper tantrums, among other childlike games. They adore company and want to play. They demand compassion and faith, faith, which they are still human enough to find at cure, the cure to life, and the cure to death the hope to return, back home.

Yes you should always be careful whom you play with for evil breeds evil like misery loves company, So until these poor souls find that cure, this is where they call, home.

Christopher Saint