As featured on ABC News Night-line

IGHS: International Ghost Hunters Society Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill Co-Founders as featured on the television shows Strange Universe, Sightings, The Unexplained, ABC News Night-line.

Dr. Oester on Saint's photos. He explains how Christopher Saint, film producer, while on location filming the ghost documentary, "SPOOKED" at the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, captured more than expected.

"These photos show super-charged orbs in motion. Notice how the spirit anomalies are emitting energy"

"This cannot be confused with dust orbs or other non-paranormal anomalies"

"This is one of the best kinds of evidence in ghost photography"

Dr. Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill
IGHS Co-Founders, International Ghost Hunters Society

"SPOOKED" based on true stories of the haunting of this Kentucky Sanatorium. A horror documentary on the Ghosts, the People and the Terror!.