THE LEGEND OF ZOMBIE ROAD: THE MOVIE Another terror tale based upon a real life legend is quickly taking place as cinematographer Howard Smith (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and Ethan Terra (Monsterpiece Theatre) are gearing up to take us down one of our country's spookiest of roads.
The Legend of Zombie Road (coming at us in 3D), co-written by Joe Knetter and Terra, centers around one of the top ten most haunted places in America. There are many urban legends surrounding St. Louis' famed Zombie Road and the surrounding area that have endured for decades. One in particular would have us believe that the infamous road is haunted by the ghost of a man known only as "Zombie" who would make his way nightly to the area, where he would stalk and kill party-goers and then return to the asylum before dawn. It is said that he was killed in the asylum after slaying approximately 22 people.

The cast line-up thus far consists of Masiela Lusha ("The George Lopez Show") co-starring with MBV3D alumni Betsy Rue and Kane Hodder, who is set to play the killer. "We are currently still casting two of the film's principal leads. Terra has several genre icons on board, and there will be more cast announcements next week," say producers Ryan R. Johnson and Sean Lourdes.
Gary Tunnicliffe of Two Hours in the Dark and John Carl Buechler of Magical Media Industries will be bringing out the gore.
Look for more on The Legend of Zombie Road soon, and in the interim check out the short video below to familiarize yourself with the infamous landmark that many folks dare not travel. Go to; www.childrenofthegrave.com