SPOOKED Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Documentary-87 min) Dax Productions and Twintalk Entertainment are proud to present "SPOOKED". Based on the true events and history of Waverly Hills Sanatorium considered by many to be the "Scariest Place On Earth”. Produced and Directed by Shane Dax Taylor and Christopher Saint Booth. Edited and designed by Philip Adrian Booth. Executive producer, Corky Taylor.

Synopsis:. 1928, Kentucky...A horrific disease known as "The White Plague" claimed over 63,000 lives. A monstrous Sanatorium was built to isolate the infected and play host to bizarre experiments in desperation to find a cure. Unable to cope with the large amount of corpses, a five hundred foot underground body chute was constructed for the removal of the dead, hiding the enormous death toll from the outside world. This was called the "Death Tunnel". In 1960, a cure was found and the hospital closed down. This 800,000 square foot monument to pain and suffering lay empty and dormant....Until now!

This is the true story of the Scariest Place On Earth!

Starring: The real people, the real ghosts, the real sanatorium and the real terror.

Official site: http://www.spooked.org
Trailer: http://www.spooked,org
WH Sanatorium http://www.waverlyhillstbsanatorium.com
History http://whsron46.tripod.com/id39.html
Ghost Hunters http://www.louisvilleghs.com/waverly_gallery.html


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