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Keith Age, President and Founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society based in Louisville, Kentucky started this group back in 1996 as a way for the general public to have their questions answered regarding paranormal activity and as a teaching aid for other start up paranormal based groups in the Kentucky and Indiana region. Mr. Age himself has devoted nearly a quarter of a century to researching and investigating reportedly haunted sites and has worked with some of the leading experts in the field of paranormal studies. He has been American Ghost Society Kentucky Rep since 1998.

His organization, the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, is one of the largest and most respected groups of it's kind in the United States with over 1100 on-line members and 81 on-site investigators. They have conducted numerous scientific based investigations down through the years and all of their investigations are conducted free-of-charge and, unless the persons involved desire a public investigation, all of the findings are strictly confidential. Investigations are conducted in a non-metaphysical manner, meaning that no mediums or psychics are employed and that the results are based on actual video and audio recordings, electromagnetic readings and a great deal of background research of both the people involved and the houses or businesses that are claiming paranormal activity. Some of the more well known and public investigations have included the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana and Bobby Mackey's Music World outside of Covington, Kentucky.

Keith is fond of saying that 99% of what he and the Louisville Ghost Hunters investigate turns out to be rather ordinary and explainable, but it is that final 1% that cannot be readily explained and that is what keeps him coming back for more and trying to discover the answers to questions people have been asking for thousands of years. Do ghosts exist, is there life after death, and can the dead still make their presence known to the living? Keith Age, and the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, have been asking those questions for years and continue to do so. Hopefully, through the efforts of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and similar paranormal organizations and their continued research, one day in the future those questions can be answered.

If you have any questions regarding possible paranormal activity in your home or business, or would like to schedule a preliminary investigation at your location, please contact LGHS President Keith Age at kage@louisvilleghs.com for further information. We are here to help.


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