Ancient bones discovered on Booth Brothers movie site by Terra King/Indie Examiner

SOUL CATCHER (Coming Soon-2011): While filming their new paranormal documentary, SOUL CATCHER, petrified bones were found on the Booth Brothers film set. Identification is now in progress. Proper burial will be then arranged to honor this amazing find. In the past Ancient Times News report that prehistoric wild boar bones were uncovered in a close by location ranging from 20,000 to 500,000 years old. Upon professional study the findings will be reported and it is not sure at this time if a museum study and quarantine will be mandatory......

"It was very scary yet spiritually enlightening when you are half way to hell, 1000 ft or so. One could only imagine how the first Americans would have adapted to such conditions. Hopefully a study of the bones found will bring us close to the truth". The Booth Brothers.

SOUL CATCHER ‘Trail Of Fears’! Explore the forbidden grounds of the Native American spirit world in this supernatural expedition. A path of darkness left by inhuman events on Indian Burial Grounds leads to the true ‘Trail Of Fears’. Produced and Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmakers, the Booth Brothers as seen on SyFy and Sony Pictures. (Death Tunnel, Spooked, Children Of The Grave , The Possessed and The Haunted Boy). For more info www.soulcatchermovie.com

Paranormal TV shows and documentaries are blanketing all aspects of media. You can watch ghost hunts on TV almost every night of the week. It is also possible to watch hunts live online.
The Booth Brothers (who also do horror films) have done several paranormal documentaries. Their doc 'Spooked' is the definitive film about Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Everyone followed in their footsteps but no one has covered this haunted location better.

Stay tuned here for the latest news on the brothers and their new projects.


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