Nelson Mandela Foundation presents Children Of The Grave

Winner of Best Paranormal Documentary. Look passed in to a eye of fright as acclaimed filmmakers, The Booth Brothers ( ‘Spooked, The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium’ as seen upon a Sci Fi Channel) unearth a intolerable life of spook children! Explore deserted orphanages as well as cemeteries uncovering a comfortless story of thousands of waif inmates buried in unmarked graves. Journey to a Devils Woods as well as declare a advance of shade children. Hunt for an immorality spook predator sneaking in a tunnels of a condemned waif castle. Utilizing a tip paranormal experts, spook hunters as well as tall tech gadgetry, a filmmakers constraint never-before-seen justification which Ghosts Do Exist! Are we Scared yet? You should be! NOW ON DVD www.childrenofthegrave.com


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