Spooked Television Releasing presents Children Of The Grave Now on DVD


Spooked Television Releasing officially releases Children Of The Grave on DVD.

For a limited time available online exclusively at www.childrenofthegrave.com.

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Children Of The Grave goes in depth, (on steroids) uncovering the truth behind child ghosts. Unmarked graves with untold stories leads us across six US States on a ten-day investigation hunting for child spirits. Abandoned Orphanages to the Devils Woods unleashes a nest of dark entities while on the mother of all ghost hunts. Emotional, powerful and frightening! Knowing now that they truly exist, the truth has never been scarier! An epic-reality adventure into the unknown! They are watching and waiting… waiting for their judgment day to prevail.

The paranormal cast includes Keith Age, Troy Taylor, John Zaffis, Steven LaChance, Paranormal Task Force and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Children Of The Grave - (Horror Documentary) October 2007 DVD Release
Children Of The Grave II - "The Possessed" (Horror Documentary) June 2008.


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