Children Of The Grave II - "The Possessed" (Documentary) June 2008.

Spooked Television Releasing announced today, Children Of The Grave II - "The Possessed" ( Documentary) Now in Production.

The Investigation of "The Watseka Wonder" (America's first documented case of spiritual possession) originally slated to be included in the horror documentary “Children Of the Grave” (October's DVD release) will now be featured as a full production, showcased in the COTG sequel.

The filmmakers captured such an incredible terrifying story of a 13-year-old girl's possession of the dead; the story and evidence overflowed its original scheduled episode length. "This raw possession story needs to stand alone as a separate documentary. How can you tell this girl's incredible life and death true story in a 20 minute episode, it is a milestone and shocking part of paranormal history!" says producer Christopher Saint Booth. “The Watseka Wonder Story will now be able to haunt you in its fullest force, as it did back in 1877”.

Director Philip Adrian Booth states; "We investigated both the Roff house and the Vennum house. We found a lot of spirit activity still lingering there today, we can't wait to show the world our adaption of this 130 year old documented possession", "The Watseka Wonder story is worth waiting for"!

The small town of Watseka, IL, and its haunting segments will appear in both Children Of The Grave and its sequel. Other ghost Investigations announced documented by the Booth Brothers are, "The Screaming House" and "Death Alley" The paranormal cast continues with Keith Age, Troy Taylor, John Zaffis, Steven LaChance and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Filmed on location in Watseka, IL, Chicago, Missouri and Los Angeles.

Children Of The Grave - (Documentary) October 2007 DVD Release
Children Of The Grave II - "The Possessed" (Documentary) June 2008.
"The Possessed" (Motion Picture) is in development for AFM 2007.


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