'Soul Catcher Trail of Fears' Booth Brothers DVD July 2011

Soul Catcher Trail of Fears' Booth Brothers DVD July 2011. It's always good news when a Booth Brothers film is released, but it is extra-special when it's one of their paranormal documentaries. Set for release July 2011, Soul Catcher Trail of Fears explores Native American Spirits.

SOUL CATCHER ‘Trail Of Fears’! Explore the forbidden grounds of the Native American spirit world in this supernatural expedition. A path of darkness left by inhuman events on Indian Burial Grounds leads to the true ‘Trail Of Fears’. Produced and Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmakers, the Booth Brothers as seen on SyFy and Sony Pictures. (Death Tunnel, Spooked, Children Of The Grave , The Possessed and The Haunted Boy). SOUL CATCHER (July 2011).

If truth be known many of the major hauntings in the U.S. are Native American related. From Amityville to stories of Skin Walkers in the South West, it seems like the spirits of Indians are particularly restless. Not familiar with The Booth Brothers films? Check out their site for some great deals on some of the best paranormal documentaries and great horror films. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and see the sales on DVDs. Spooked is my favorite, Children of the Grave is also a compelling film. These DVDs make great gifts for the wanna be ghost hunter in your family.

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Official Website (buy DVDs here) www.spookedtv.com. There are a lot of TV shows both on TV and online, but nobody does it like Christopher and Philip.


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