Children Of The Grave Zombie Road Do Not Treapass!

EUREKA, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com)-- Lawler-Ford Road just over the Wildwood-Ellisville line was once an abandoned gravel road now it's a paved bike path. What is now home to health nuts, urban legends used to reside. The story of a zombie-like homicidal man wandering the woods killing lovers looking for an escape may not be based in truth but they have made for one whopping legend, renaming the road for many as Zombie Road.

"It peaked my interest," says Drew McClure who learned about Zombie Road from a SyFy Network documentary (Children Of Of The Grave) that showed pictures of silhouetted spirits of children and flashes of orbs through the night.

"They sold it perfectly," says McClure, "there are pictures of people standing on the hill and the building disappears it was all special one of the top scariest places to visit."

When he and his girlfriend and her brothers and cousin made the trip down the road last month they found a scare but not the one they were looking for.

"The intention was to find ghosts," says Tiffany Klingerman, "but we found flashlights in our faces and cops." Then they found themselves with a fine in their hands for trespassing, the citation even reading "was trespassing on Zombie Road."

"It was a 177 dollars each for each of us," says Klingerman, "they say it goes up to 300 in about a month."

Halloween peaks interest and peaks police patrols and fines. For years the road was home to trouble and criminal activity which is why it's purpose was changed and why police still patrol the path.

"They said they catch teenagers every single night," she says.

While these teenagers who got caught paid up, they say even without the fine Zombie Road really isn't worth the trip.

"Before it was all gravel roads and deserted looked scary," says McClure, "it was a bike path, a boring bike path."

While they didn't leave with the scare they were searching for, they did leave with some advice for other scare seekers.

"Just don't go down Zombie road after dark because you will get fined and will get caught."

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