The Booth Brothers to appear at haunted Ashmore Estates, October 29th and 30th

Special Announcement: Paranormal filmmakers The Booth Brothers (Spooked, Children Of The Grave, The Possessed as seen on SyFy/NBC Universal) will appear for two nights only at the haunted Ashmore Estates Poor Farm, October 29th and 30th for autographs and pictures! Explore the twisted hallways if you dare as this halloween Ashmore Estates will become Circus Sanatorium, a true haunted house of horrors. With full body apparitions, black mists and a death filled history, there couldn't be a more perfect place for a paranormal investigation or a Halloween event. Ashmore Estates was built in 1916 and was the Coles County Almshouse (poor farm) and mental holding tank for many poor souls until 1956. During that period, it is said that approximately 100 people died in the building. Paranormal investigators regularly reserve the building for ghost hunting – and they have always found it to be a very active building. Because of it's appearance and activity, Ashmore Estates is often referred to as a mini-Waverly, after the world famous haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. Ashmore Estate's reputation for paranormal activity lead the Spooked TV/ Sci Fi Channel's Booth Brothers to its doors. In June of 2008 they filmed the documentary “Soul Catcher” which will be released in 2010. Black masses, shadows crossing in front of the cameras, strange things breaking laser beams, EVP audio of screaming and crying, get ready for the ultimate haunted horror experience this Halloween.Tickets are only $15.00 and are available now online or at the door! For tickets or more info please visit; http://www.hauntedcharleston.net or http://www.ashmoreestates.net

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/ashmoreestateshaunt
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Circus-Sanitorium-Ashmore-Estates/117714906983

You catch the latest Booth Brothers shows this 31 days of Halloween on the SyFy Channel. Please check your local TV listings for channel and show times info.

THE POSSESSED -Television Premiere, October 8th, 9/8c, SyFy
CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE - October 8th, 11/10c, SyFy


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