Spooked TV Congrats to our teams the Best Paranormal Investigative Groups in the United States 2008

Best Paranormal Investigative Groups in the United States 2008. by Melissa Alvarez, Paranormal Examiner. There are many reputable paranormal investigative groups within the United States that do excellent work in helping people resolve issues with hauntings in their homes and businesses. I have selected the top ten groups that I felt were going above and beyond in their work ethics, in being responsible in their actions and who have achieved success and respect in the field. It wasn’t an easy task to accomplish and these selections weren't made lightly. Here is my top ten list for the Best Paranormal Investigative Teams in the United States for 2008. If you feel I missed an organization that you’d like to see considered for next year’s list, add them to the comments section below or send me an email to paranormal@melissaa.com .

10. ORION Paranormal -  Located in Massachusetts, ORION Paranormal conducts investigations by “employing recognized scientific methods of data collection”. They go into investigations with the mind-set that they will neither prove nor disprove a haunting and analyze each case with an unbiased opinion. Several members of the team film the investigations for their television program, Te Gustan Muertos,  which will be broadcast to the Hispanic viewing community. Ten episodes for season one are currently in production.
Website: http://www.orionparanormal.com 
Contact Form: http://www.orionparanormal.com/contact.html

9. The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society – Is one of the oldest and most respected paranormal investigative groups in Kentucky. They do not use psychics, empaths or clairvoyants but prefer to conduct investigations in a “non-metaphysical” manner. They approach the work seriously and with high ethics. This group is also active in the community and regularly works with the Crusade for Children, St. Joseph Orphanage, the American Juvenile Arthritis Foundation of Kentucky, Toys for Tots, the Make A Wish Foundation, Project Zambia and others.
Website: http://www.louisvilleghs.com
Email:  kage@louisvilleghs.com , Founder Keith Age

8. Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle/Tacoma- A.G.H.O.S.T. is one of the most advanced paranormal investigative groups in the Pacific Northwest. They use a combination of research and training, high tech equipment and extremely qualified and responsible personnel during their investigations. Because of their high work ethic they have earned a lot of respect from others in the paranormal community. Founder and President, Ross Allison, was featured on Ghost Hunters. The group provides free software to other ghost hunting groups and participates in parapsychology expositions.
Website: http://www.aghost.us/
Phone number: (253) 203-4383
Email:  AGHOST@aghost.us

7. Kindred Moon Productions–  This is a group of paranormal investigators who not only conduct paranormal investigations with scientific methods to find “logical reasons to the claims of the paranormal” but they also produce their own television show and participate in conventions and other events. You can watch their television show on Columbia Access Television, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 PM. Check their website for channel information. They also have a network, with strict requirements, that other paranormal investigative teams can submit an application for membership. There is also a film division of Kindred Moon Productions that specializes in horror films, some of which have won awards.
Website: http://www.kindredmoonproductions.com
Address: 7601 N. Hwy VV #122, Columbia, Missouri 65202
Contact form:  http://www.kindredmoonproductions.com/Contacts.html
Email: info@kindredmoonproductions.com

6. International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research  (ICPIR) – This group was formed to offer people with interest in paranormal investigations the proper training for the profession. They follow a high standard of ethics and set forth to prove life after death through scientific methods. They have their rules online and you can also apply to be a part of their group online. They have chapters throughout the United States with more being added. You’ll also find tools for investigators on their website as well as message boards and the results of investigations they’ve conducted.
Contact Form: http://www.icpir.org/index2.html
Website: http://www.icpir.org
Address: ICPIR. P.O. Box 7853, Surprise, AZ 85374
Phone number: (623) 734-4391, 8am-5pm M-F
Email:  icpirdirector@icpir.org

5. South Jersey Paranormal Research (SJPR)– This group’s slogan says it all, “The Proof Is In The Evidence”. This group requires witnesses to the paranormal to complete a report about the incident. They then “discredit any of these occurrences as paranormal in nature” before conducting an investigation. Once an investigation is underway they gather credible evidence for further research. They are ethical and responsible in their work and offer their more dramatic EVP evidence online at a nominal fee because these EVP’s are not suitable for children. They also request that you not play the EVP’s in the presence of children. They have been featured on NBC, MSNBC, a multitude of radio shows and newspapers and on local television stations. Their website is interactive and they offer a section for skeptics.
Website: http://www.sjpr.org
Contact form: http://www.sjpr.org/contactsjpr.html
4. Ghost Trackers– Established in 1992, Ghost Trackers conducts investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, Northern California and the surrounding Western States. They are associated with The Center For ParaPsychical Research where they take the information gained in the Ghost Tracker investigations and analyze, refine, add depth and definition to their theories to “accurately document the paranormal activities currently occurring across the country and around the world”. Ghost Trackers has been featured on ABC News, CBS, The Discovery Channel, Biography, Living TV and radio shows (to name a few accomplishments). They’ve received numerous awards and participate in community services such as Cemetery Preservation and Restoration, Adopt-A-Highway and Cemetery Research.
Website: http://www.ghost-trackers.org 
Address: Ghost Trackers, PO Box 89, Santa Clara, CA 95052
Phone number: 408-207-3612
Email:  ghosttrackers@yahoo.com
Via your cell phone: http://www.ghosttrackers.mobi

3. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) - TAPS is a brand unto itself. With the Ghost Hunters television show, the Beyond Reality Radio Show, ParaMag – a paranormal magazine, and branches called “family members” throughout the World; TAPS really does tap into every media avenue available to fans of the paranormal. 
Website: http://the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com 
Address: T.A.P.S., 2362 West Shore Rd., Warwick, RI 02889
Email:  TAPS has a lot of email addresses listed at this link.

2. Central New York Ghost Hunters – Founded in 1997 by Stacy Jones, is “geared towards people who are quite skeptical and are serious about claims into the paranormal”. They are straightforward and upfront about the paranormal, how investigations should be conducted and have high ethical standards in their investigations.They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, UPN, The Discovery Channel, APSR Radio Network, 93Q Radio, The Syracuse New Times and The Post Standard.
Website: http://www.gotghosts.org
Phone number: (315) 662-7904
Email:  caroline@gotghosts.org

1.  Missouri Paranormal Research / Paranormal Task Force – This group’s slogan is “Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center” and they offer a wide array of services within various divisions in addition to paranormal investigations. The Missouri Paranormal Research (TM) Division heads all paranormal investigations. They have investigation results posted on their website but state that these are only investigations that were used for training or where the client gave permission for the results to be posted. They are very strict about protecting their client’s privacy. The  PFT-Extreme (TM) division handles more difficult cases of hauntings where immediate intervention is necessary. The ParaVoyance (TM) division is “devoted to the Clairvoyant (Psychic) and Metaphysical realms that intertwine with the paranormal”. The Task Force Entertainment & Productions (TM) is “a multi-talented division devoted to both the education and entertainment need of the general public and paranormal community alike.” This group also offers workshops to teach others about the paranormal, were featured on The Maury Show and have DVD’s that have been released and are scheduled to be aired on the SciFi Channel.
Main Website: http://www.paranormaltaskforce.com/WelcomePTF.html 
Contact Page: http://www.paranormaltaskforce.com/contact1.html 
Email for Investigative help:  help@paranormaltaskforce.com 
Non investigation email: admin@paranormaltaskforce.com




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