Zombie Road Children Of The Grave

Zombie Road

Located in Glencoe, Missouri, Lawler Ford Road (nicknamed Zombie Road by locals) is a 2 mile long road through forest hills and limestone bluffs which dead ends at the Meramec River. With over 100 years of history, the road has many legends concerning it. Tales of Native American spirits haunting the grounds, people who got lost out there, never to return, and drug deals gone bad. There have been a few accidental deaths out there along with evidence strange ritualistic-type activities, which could be cause for some of the paranormal occurrences that are reported out there.

One of the most well known anomalies along Zombie Road is that of Shadow People. Dark shadowy figures have appeared along the side of the road and nearby in the woods. A few years ago, Tom Halstead took this picture which clearly shows a dozen of these figures standing among the trees seeming to peer back at him.

Investigators from the Paranormal Task Force, along with filmmakers from Children Of The Grave, went out there to see if they could also capture these shadow people on film. It was not long before they began to pick up strange figures next to the trees, and just prior to that - a large black mass slowly moving along the road towards them. A noticeable temperature drop coincided with these sightings along with another important find. The team was using a laser grid system. They found that these black masses/shadows will actually break the beam. Which gives reason to believe that these entities have substance.

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