Author: lilwolfangel0 from United States

This was a very good movie I mean it,but it sort of freaked me out because I live in Louisville,it only takes me about 5 minutes to get up there.So I have been in there,I have heard a lot,but whenever I go in there I feel sad,for no reason,and when I get out I feel like crying. This movie was very informing and interesting,that place is a bit creepy but it is very cool!!But if you go to the haunted house they have up there you only go in the mourge,1st,and 2nd floors,because the building is very old and is starting to collapse.But there are times during the year where you can actually take a tour of the whole hospital.I hope someday that I do get to take a tour as well.

Interesting...but don't walk in thinking going to be scared,

Author: likeswine68 from Canada

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

I was interested in Waverly Hills Sanitorium after watching "Death Tunnel" and browsing through some of the sites available on the net about the sanatorium itself. This is a very nice documentary that gives you a lot of background on the sanatorium. When built, how the floors were set up for the patients of TB and some of the experiments that were performed trying to rid them of this disease. The documentary entails interviews with past patients, past employees of the sanatorium and history of the place from the owner and security guards. There is also sightings by cast and crew of the movie "Death Tunnel" and other people who have seen or experienced "weird" things while in the sanatorium. I did find some of the photographs very hard to make out anything which detracted my overall enjoyment of this documentary, cause I was left with the feeling of "come on I can't even see anything in that!" But overall I enjoyed it. Is there really something there? I don't know. Watch it and form your own opinion.

Awesome documentary! I want to go to this place now so bad!,

Author: badgrrlkane from Irving,TX

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

Very cool documentary based on a horror film crew who while looking for a very scary place to film there new horror film, " Death Tunnel" they found Waverly Hills Sanatorium located on the outskirts of Louisville,KY. it was a place of suffering where over 60,000 poor souls died from TB & later was used a convalescing home for the elderly & crippled who were treated so badly they had to close the place down in 1981. So, after sitting for 25 yrs & just recently it has started to be used for a haunted house attraction during Halloween, a film crew came in to film a horror film. They found a lot of paranormal activity. Now it could be just shadows & overactive imaginations but due to the large amount of deaths that happened there there is probably a lot negative energy there. But,the way they told the backstories of the former employees, the patients that had died there, the patients who are still around today, & the current owner & his security staff & their run ins with the weirdness of what they've seen. It's an awesome place for a horror film to be filmed. I just hope they don't tear it down or make the building into something else. I'd love to go there on a tour. Great documentary Booth Brothers. Can't wait to see your film "Death Tunnel". So if you want to get really creeped out, turn out the lights & get ready to hear a story of a tragic time in US history & about a mesmerizing building that still stands like a book just ready to share it's story. **** out of *****

I have to say I enjoyed my evening watching Sci Fi.,

Author: jenny-368 from United States

I thought it was awesome, though the commercials drove me crazy.The old people made me cry and in general the show was entertaining. I understand it was a different approach to Taps, but I liked both shows. I did not side by side put them in competition with each other. All that matters is Taps found paranormal activities and so did Spooked.

Granted that TAPS are Ghost Hunters and they are damn good ones at that, Spooked was filmmakers sharing their story. I do live in Louisville and know a few of the people that was in this doc, and they told it like they told me.

LGHS has a lot of passion as well as the owners and the locals of Waverly, it was a very personal touch.

As far as the death footage, I had never seen that so it made me think now both on TB as well as the NATURE OF WAR. It opened my eyes to help find a cure to TB, War and the ghosts trapped in dimensions.

I have to say I enjoyed my evening watching Sci Fi.


Author: Magisticeyes from United States

Hello, I was in the documentary. I know that waverly is haunted. For you who don't believe please explain the photo i got of the figure in the window that was in the documentary. i took that during the day time. I also have worked there when it was a nursing home. Everyone can believe what they want to. But the producers who made spooked are great people and is trying to get the truth out there.Juat because you haven't seen or felt anything doesn't mean it isn't there.I have been a paranormal investigator for a long time and have many photo's of thing i have caught on camera and evp's also.I don't think it is fair to come on here and bash those who do believe.There are a lot of unexplained things in this world. So if you don't believe don't bash those who do.


Author: pookieqq from United States

The show was very informative and very detailed accounts of history. Interviews with past employees and patients. Many historical pictures. The pictures of ghost were hard to make out at times and the video of the shadow people goes by way to fast. The music and sound effects tended to drown out anyone who was speaking. When interviewing the elderly you cannot have loud background music. It actually took away from the scary and went toward annoying. I would have to say the computer voice introducing each floor was equally hard to understand. Example the fourth floor scenes show interview with old man in green sweater. I could hardly hear him when the music attempted to go from scary to sincere. I would like to see more shows like this.

The DVD is very creepy,

Author: jenelizangel from United States

I just got the DVD. It is a pleasure to watch without all the Sci Fi commercials. I can not even think of going into Waverly. I would be afraid to bring a ghost home with me, I mean where do all these ghosts hide. The old people that was at the Sanatorium made me cry, it was very sad as they were full of spirit and hoped for a cure. The shadow photos are scary, I can not even look at a shadow again without thinking that someone is standing there. The DVD extras are cool. The Bone Dump is crazy, how can you put that stuff in the woods? It definitely made me a ghost believer. I am gonna take a road trip down to Kentucky and take a tour. It definitely is one of the scariest places I ever seen.


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