Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

USA 2005, 93 minutes
Dir. Christopher Saint Booth, Shane Dax Taylor
Rating: [M]
Genres: Documentary / Paranorma

A 'haunting' documentary, made during a horror film shoot, about a Kentucky hospital built in the 1910s to combat the growing numbers of deaths due to tuberculosis ("The White Plague"), which has become a presentday attraction for ghosthunters due to its grisly history and paranormal activities.

The most grotesque feature of the imposing, now derelict facility was the chute or 'death tunnel' down which dead bodies were put for lack of space, which extended half a kilometre and is now saturated with bad vibes of the dead. This film not only details the background, but provides a journal of the filmmakers' experiences, perhaps capturing on film some actual ghosts! You decide...



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