Yeah, I have many crazy story's about stuff that has happened to me and other ppl I know up there. In 96 or 97 , I went up there with family and friends and took a video camera. We caught some amazing things on film. We have orbs, and this strangse mist/smoke. I have seen that in some pic. on Keith's site. The best of all was a ghost! An old man in the tower. He is transparent,but he is visual. He turns and look's right at us when were filming him. Spooky!!! Many other things. I will post other story's on your site. I love that place. I have been going up there since I was a little girl. But none here recently.
Also I was wanting to know if you have ever heard of a man named Peter Moscow?
He's speaks with ghost and records there voice's on tape. My mom talked to him first when he was a guest on a local news show early in the morring. She talked with him about the ghost that is in our home. A previous owner killed himself here and his sprit remains. Many of strange things have happened here also with him. But now we are kind of used to him and we just give him his space.lol. Well you can write me back any time you want, I would like to talk to you more about things. Thank you for your time. -

I got my pictures back today and I am absolutely THRILLED! I dont know how well they are going to scan....they are ofcourse dark, so I dont know if you will be able to se what everyone who has looked at them will see. In one, there looks like there is something at the end of a dark empty hall. In another, there seems to look like someone at the end of a flight of stairs...and the other is the best...I tried very hard to keep all people out of my pictures. I only wanted to capture whatever the film would see. In the room where they did the arts and crafts....there is soemeone standing to the vey far left hand side of the picture. I thought that maybe someone had stepped into the picture. After letting about 10 diff people look at it, they all said the exact same thing.....it looks like a little girl, maybe 10 - 12 years old and she has on a either a sleeveless (or very short sleeve) bluish colored dress or gown. It stops right above the knees or right at it. She has her arms hanging down, byt crossed in front of her and she appears to be holding onto something. I kept looking at this pic off and on all day.....then it dawned on me like a load of bricks....could this be mary? I am not sure of Mary's age....but it would fit really well....a young girl, and of in all places, the arts and crafts room? It is very plain to see, but you cant make out a face. The hair seems to be shoulder length. I thought and thought back to that night, and there was NOONE there in a blue dress or blue shorts with a matching blue shirt that I can recall. I will try to get them scanned if you would like to see them. I hope to go back in October as well, Thanks so much!


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