The Booth Brothers and New Orleans are a good match . Terra King, Indie Movie Examiner

The Booth Brothers and New Orleans are a good match . Terra King, Indie Movie Examiner

Indie horror films and paranormal documentary filmmakers Philip and Christopher Booth have a new address and some new projects. Spooked Productions/TwinTalk Entertainment, has recently been opened in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The City of New Orleans is the most haunted city in the U.S.. The Booth Brothers are THE best paranormal documentary filmmakers anywhere. This seems like the perfect combination.
The twin talents will soon be making a series of films and documentaries to be released through Sony Pictures, the SyFy Channel, and the Showtime and HBO television networks.

The Booth Brothers are creators of cutting-edge, award-winning documentary/dramas including the theatrically-released “The Haunted Boy: The True Story of the Exorcist” (2010), “The Possessed”, “Children of the Grave”, and “Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium”, and feature films such as “Dark Place” and “Death Tunnel” (Sony Pictures). Their new paranormal film, Soul Catcher, Trail Of Fears will be released April, 2011.

The Booth Brothers have been a driving-force behind the success of the paranormal/horror/ film market and their films have attracted a worldwide following through affiliations with the SyFy Channel, NBC-Universal, Sony Pictures and Television, Lionsgate Films, Columbia/Tri-Star, and other major companies.
Work is set to begin immediately at the Booths’ New Orleans Spooked Productions facilities (the company also has offices in Beverly Hills, CA) on two feature films. The first, a still-untitled follow-up to their successful cult film “Death Tunnel”. The second film is “Entities,” a terrifying journey into the phenomenon of violent poltergeist attacks based upon the infamous true story of “The Entity” haunting.

The Booth Brothers are also producing a series of documentaries and specials including “Ghosts in the Machine” (SyFy Channel) which will feature the Beatles' Phantom V Rolls Royce and an abandoned theme park; “Spectrophilia”. An in-depth first hand exploration of supernatural sex. And finally; “The Voodoo Diaries,” a reality series based on the day-to-day adventures of a beautiful, real-life voodoo priestess and the incredible stories and people she encounters, all filmed on location in the historic French Quarter and New Orleans. The Booth Brothers chose New Orleans because of the mystique and supernatural beauty of the city.

According to Philip Adrian Booth; It looks like you just stepped back in history, or into an elaborate set production“Because of the wonderful environment, this will be our best work yet! We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and to thank City leaders, members of the film community, and the people of New Orleans for the pride and passion they have for this great city!”
Local New Orleans author and paranormal researcher Alyne Pustanio is assisting the Booth Brothers in the research, scripting, and pre-production of the new projects.

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