Spooked TV and SyFy finish documentary about the real exorcist

The Booth Brothers (Spooked TV) have finished shooting their newest paranormal documentary. This time it's the true story behind 'The Exorcist'. In 1973, 'The Exorcist' was released on a public not suspecting such a taboo breaking film. Soon tales of heart attacks and fainting during showings were in all the papers and on TV. The actors were highly sought after to spill their guts on the paranormal activity that supposedly haunted the set. However, nothing could be as disturbing as the true story behind the exorcism. According to the Booth's blog; The brothers have interviewed the remaining survivors, and have conducted paranormal investigations at each of the sites involved in the exorcism. 'The Haunted Boy' was filmed at the very spooky Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany which is a former county home. The docs that the Booths have done have always been detailed and thought provoking. By the end of the film, you truly feel you know the whole story. You're usually really scared too, which is icing on the cake. This film will be shown in October on the 'SyFy'. For more info please contact pr@spookedproductions.com


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