First, they brought you to Waverly Sanitarium and got you spooked. Now the Booth Brothers are back with a haunting truth about the truth about ghosts of children. In their follow up to the critically acclaimed Spooked comes Children of the Grave. In this 90 minute DVD, viewers join noted ghost hunter Keith Age and the Paranormal Task Force on expeditions to search out evidence of ghosts as children. They are joined with advice from notable researchers such as John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Troy Taylor.

The three places that they search out and explore are what they call Hell's Orphans, an abandoned sanitarium orphanage in which audio of young children are still picked up at. They also discover an horrorifc truth about milk in the early 1900's that caused many children to die. Most of the Hell's Orphans segment is a background information segment and sets up the rest of the documentary. You get to see what types of hellish conditions these children went through and start to understand why they might be so lost and confused.

The team also explores the Pythian Castle in Missouri which was an orphanage until the US military took it over in 1942 for a Nazi POW camp. They uncover the tragedies that unfolded here such as possible child molestation and discover some left over energy from the intense interrogations that took place in this location.
During the Tower Room tour of the investigation, they go as far to mention the name of a male presence on the property that has been reported to have been a maintenance worker who molested orphans. When they are about to speak his name, several motion detectors that were set up by the investigators go off and an EVP is recorded that appears to say "The Bastards!"
The team then sets out to explore the basement and tunnel areas and captures what they believed to be an evil presence moving towards them and causing a rapping on the inactive pipes. (By inactive, I mean that they are just sections of pipes cut off on both ends) The evidence from this is truly riveting!

The last locale on your journey with Keith Age and the Paranormal Task Force is the Zombie Road in Missouri. This is what really starts to draw the viewers into the documentary. Near St. Louis, MO, the "Zombie Road" is a stretch of dirt road that many consider to be haunted. Local law enforcement has found animal sacrifices from satanic rituals in abandoned structures due to this reputation. But the truth is that it does actually appear to be haunted!

The history of Zombie Road is quite an interesting one that dates as far back to the Native Americans of the area. The river that runs along the dirt road was named by the natives as "The River of Death" because many had died in the river from doubting it's deep pockets and strong currents. It appears that the river deceives anyone that thinks they can swim or cross it. As many as 35 deaths had been officially reported in the area in the last century! (And some were children.)
Many reports come out of Zombie Road of what appears to be Shadow People or Shadow Masses. What is so interesting about this documentary is that they appear to capture evidence of shadow masses. It was originally a photo of the shadow children in the woods that sparked the idea for this venture to Zombie Road.

The original shadow children photo that sparked the journey to Zombie Road. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MPR). The number of stories from this one spot is truly amazing and the evidence on video and photographic that the team provides is excellent. At one point, they set up a laser grid on the bridge and notice that the temperature is dropping, which is a sign of the shadow masses approaching, and you actually get to see the laser grid cut out by what appears to be legs several times over. It is at this point that Keith Age mentions that "...these are not just shadows. They appear to have some sort of mass behind them!"
Image captured of shadow people at Zombie Road in Missouri. (COURTESY OF Missouri Paranormal Research)

Overall, I thought this documentary took a new approach to the field which was nice. There are so many television shows out there trying to reproduce the formula that SciFi's Ghost Hunters has been successful with. The Booth Brothers bring a historical information documentary that would make the producers of the Discovery Channel jealous!

In my time working as a paranormal investigator, I have run across many instances of children ghosts and caught them on EVP. The bone chilling evidence of young spirits that is caught is remarkable and will have you believing that sometimes places do hold unseen residents.

I would highly recommend this documentary for anyone who is looking at understanding ghosts or just wanting a good scare because the evidence is so shocking, it will give you the chills!


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