About The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:

About The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society:
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society was founded in 1996 by President Keith Age as a way for the general public to have their questions answered regarding possible hauntings and paranormal activity they may be experiencing. Besides trying to answer general questions, The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society conducts scientific based paranormal investigations of private homes and businesses throughout the Kentucky and Indiana area. All investigations are strictly confidential and free-of-charge.

Following an investigation, the owner of the property is given a written report detailing the results of the investigation.

True, documentable, paranormal activity occurs in only about 1% of the cases we undertake. In many instances we can eliminate peoples fears and put their minds at ease. Simply explaining what is taking place is our main goal. In the rare cases where actual paranormal activity may be present we will try to document it and determine the possible cause.

Our investigations are based on scientific measures and we do not employ the use of mediums or psychics. We interview the owners and other witnesses, take photographs, record using both audio and video equipment, and take sample electromagnetic readings throughout the structure. By the end of the investigation and after compiling the data we have recorded, we can have a fairly good idea if any activity is present in the location.

So if you have anything occurring that may lead you to believe your home or business is haunted, we would be happy to set up an investigation at your convenience. If you are experiencing "cold spots" throughout your home, have witnessed apparitions, heard unexplainable voices, detected noises which you cannot determine a cause for, or have lost and misplaced items only to have them turn up later in a different location, you might want to contact the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. We are here to help.

For more information or to schedule a preliminary investigation, please contact LGHS President Keith Age at: kage@louisvilleghs.com


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